Samuel Adams' Second Goal: Be A GENUINE Christian

    Day  9:   A True Christian is a Follower of Christ, the Prince of Peace. details
    Day 10:  A True Christian does not impose his will on others by force. details
    Day 11:  A Genuine Christian  is not afraid to be called a "Pacifist": details
    Day 12:  A Genuine Christian  is not afraid to be called an "Extremist" details
    Day 13:  A True Christian is not afraid to be called a "Theocrat" details
    Day 14:  A True Christian is not afraid to be called a "Utopian" details
    Day 15:  A Genuine Christian  is not afraid to be called a "Theonomist." details
    Day 16:  Forgiven by Imputation, not ecclesiastical works details
    Day 17:  Performs "works of mercy" | audio details
    Day 18:  Justification by Allegiance: How to Become a Christian [pdf] details
    Day 19:  Judges one religion to be true, and all others to be false. details
    Day 20:  Berean: Daily questions authority in light of the Bible details

You are NOT A Real Christian

Jesus Christ said it's better to be dogmatic and wrong than it is to be apathetic and air-headed. It's better to be a fanatic Nazi or a dedicated Communist than to be a "moderate."

I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. Revelation 3:15-16

Americans are air-heads. They are more concerned with being accepted by the mainstream and the majority than they are pursuing the truth. The majority of Americans think of themselves as being independent "non-conformists" in some sense, and everyone conforms to this illusion together.

You know less about American "arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ" than the Delaware Indians did. You know less about Christianity than the average 10-year old in colonial America.

Samuel Adams would say you are a victim of educational malpractice, being a product of an education system which is prohibited from teaching students that the Declaration of Independence is really true. George Washington would say you need to be re-educated, de-programmed, and connected in an online community with others who wish to become extraordinary Americans.

Samuel Adams' 2nd Goal: Be A GENUINE Christian

Back when America was still a Christian nation, Americans were civil, had good manners, treated each other with courtesy and respect.

Now that America is officially an atheistic nation, America has one of the highest crime rates on earth. Americans are rude, insulting, and violent. Americans are barbarians compared to America's Founders. And those who are not barbarians are still infected by a sophisticated form of barbarism which says we must tolerate rudeness and not be "judgmental." When a woman is being raped, we don't want to "get involved." Nor do we get involved when a woman wants to kill her baby.

Christianity has had an enormous effect on the human race. Before Christ came, a large percent of human beings died violent deaths. Most human beings were captive to barbaric empires. Today, most people die non-violent deaths.

A genuine Christian is a follower of the Prince of Peace. The more we study Christianity, the more we are challenged to be peacemakers. Most of us want to be "moderates," and we distance ourselves from "pacifists," but it is the "fanatics" who keep challenging us to get involved, and to oppose needless violence and killing.

"Christ" means "anointed king." But Jesus is not a King who conquers by military might, subjugates, exacts tribute, and suppresses individuality.

When Christ came that first Christmas, the message of the angels was: "Peace on Earth."  The Old Testament prophets spoke of the day we beat our "swords into plowshares." There have been ups and downs (and we are surely in a "down"), but the trajectory of the human race since the birth of Christ has been away from war and toward "peace on earth."

Jesus said that the kings of the gentiles love to impose their will on others by force. The Greek word Jesus used to describe these people is "archist." He said His followers are not to be "archists," but are to be "servants." Some people don't like where I'm going when I say "not" an "archist." But it is Christianity that moves humanity away from imposing beliefs on others by force. Christians do not initiate force, or threaten people with violence. Christians do not send the Marines to impose "democracy" on other nations.

A real Christian is not afraid to be called a "Pacifist." The word comes from the Latin word for "peace." A follower of the Prince of Peace does not engage in Retaliatory Violence. A real Christian loves his enemies. A real Christian does not take vengeance.

"Yes, but you don't want to take that to extremes," some will caution.

A real Christian is not afraid to be called an "Extremist." We saw above that Jesus prefers "extremists." Not the lukewarm. Not the "moderate." He wants those who are committed with their Whole Heart. Not double-minded.

The same could be said for "real Americans." "Extremists."

A Real Christian is a "Theonomist," not an "antinomian." Most Americans don't know what those words mean, but civilization hangs on them.

Too many Christians say "we're not under law, we're under grace." Obviously, Christians are no longer required to bring animals sacrifices to the temple in Jerusalem. But does that mean Christians can have sex with those animals instead? Nothing in the New Testament forbids bestiality.

It's not a question of whether you will be "under law,"
               the question is, "Whose Law?"

A Real Christian is not afraid to be called a "Theocrat." A real Christian believes in "Liberty Under God," and "Theocracy" means "God rules." Christians believe in the Kingdom of God. The Government of God.

A Real Christian is not afraid to be called a "Utopian." He is not afraid to pursue "perfection" on either an individual or a social level.

A Real Christian knows he is Forgiven by Imputation, not by performing ecclesiastical works, rituals, or liturgies.

A Real Christian studies God's Word daily. Not a day goes by.

A Real Christian performs "works of mercy" | audio | text

The key to becoming a Real Christian is Allegiance to God and His Government.
How to Become a Christian [pdf]