Thing #1:
The Three Challenges of Samuel Adams

1st Goal: Be A REAL American

What is a REAL American?

Day 1:  A real American believes in "the American Dream." - Vine & Fig Tree - explore
Day 2:  A Real American believes that the Declaration of Independence is really true.
Day 3:  A Real American Opposes Tyranny. Franklin and/or Jefferson said "Rebellion Against Tyrants is Obedience to God."
Day 4:  A Real American isn't afraid to be called an "alarmist"
Day 5:  A Real American Prefers Liberty Under God, over Security under Man (or you deserve neither)
Day 6:  Is willing to Risk something to protect "Liberty Under God" - Life, fortune, reputation. Takes Action
Day 7:  "How do you know?" | audio answer |
Day 8:  A True American is also a Christian.