Day 87: How Much Does This Program Cost?

Do you Tithe to God?

Maybe you should tithe to the sponsor of this coaching program, Vine & Fig Tree.

A Church in Your Home?

It's one thing to duplicate a year in college at home. It's another thing to try to duplicate a year at church.

We do not advocate that you leave your church. We do believe you should "count the costs." If you earn a median income in the U.S. (around $50,000/yr), and you tithe to your church, you're donating $5,000/yr, about the cost of this coaching program. You should ask what you're getting for your money.

Some will say, "I don't go to church to get, I go to give." That's great. That's one reason we do not encourage people to leave their church. Churches provide many opportunities to serve other people. Service is the heart of our coaching program. We want you to become a servant, not an archist.

But attending church on Sunday is no substitute for daily Bible study, "one-anothering," "nouthetic" coaching, and the exercise of dominion Monday through Saturday, according to the blueprints of the Bible, the textbook for all of life.

The Sunday "sermon" is not a Biblical substitute for the daily requirements of a Christian disciple.

Count the costs. Maybe the money you invest in a church would be better invested in yourself through a coaching program. Maybe you and your household need to be the hub around which opportunities for service can arise.