Day 86: How Much Does This Program Cost?

How much do you pay the Pastor of your church?

If you earn a median income in the U.S. (around $50,000/yr), and you tithe to your church, you're donating $5,000/yr, about the cost of this coaching program. You should ask what you're getting for your money.

Our coaching program is more thorough and more thoroughly Biblical than what you're getting from your church pastor 52 Sundays a year.

We do not advocate that you leave your church. We do believe you should "count the costs."

The Bible says those who labor in the Word are worthy of "double honor," which means "double pay."

You're paying much less than minimum wage for this program.

You're probably richer than I am.
I will use your contribution frugally.
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In Defense of the Quest for Unlimited Wealth