Day 85: How Much Does This Program Cost?

Compare to College Tuition

A Christian University at Home, In Your Car

If you took a course in your average college that offered nearly 7 hours of classroom lecture per week, generous office hours with the Professor, and student brainstorming, at $500/unit the course would cost $3500/semester, or over $10,000 for a full year (including summer session).

one semester hour of credit = one hour per week with prof. (class or lab)
one semester = 15 weeks
one semester hour of credit = 15 hours of class time
degree = 125 semester hour of credit = 1875 hours of class
4 yr cost at public MSU = 28k, 36k public 4yr nationally, 120k private
28k/1875 = $14.933333/hr
120k = $64/hr
minimum wage = $7.50
365 = 19% (1/5) of a 4-yr degree
If you paid Aristotle minimum wage to explore the foundations of Western Civilization with you, and operate a forum where you could discuss these principles with others who were studying them and applying them in practical ways in your own life (and not a free, no-cost/no commitment forum full of idiots and drive-by nuts), you would pay more than $5,000 for the year-long course.

all services provided at min wage = $7.25/hr  
Hiring an intelligent reader with a listenable voice to record a 1-hour audio reading of daily worldview assignments = $7.25 x 365 = $2,646.25
weekly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly webinars, min. 1 hour = 2 x 52 = 104 x $7.25 = $754.00 + $2,646.25 = $3400.25
unlimited "office hours" (email support) @1 hr./wk (ridiculously underestimated)   $2,646.25  + $3400.25 = $6046.50
20-minute laser coaching by phone per week   $2.41 x 52 = $125.54  + $6046.50 = $6172.041
and over 3,000 webpages of resources and commentary @ 2 per week
  104 x $7.25 $754.00 = $6926.041
plus a supportive community
in a moderated forum
= 2.83 hrs/week x $7.25 = $1065.96 total value = $7992.00

When you invest in your own growth, you value it and take it seriously. You are more committed to a costly program than you are to one that's free.

 The features are the benefits:

You need to read God's Word daily We've got that
You need to read God's Word every single day We've got that
You need to apply God's Word in every area of life We've got that
You need accountability/nagging We've got that
You need to make friends with kindred spirits We've got that
You need to reward the laborer for your tutoring We've got that
You need to pay for the school where this all takes place We've got that

"Wait a minute! This is almost as expensive as an 8-unit course in college!"

That's correct. And you might feel like the college course offers more to advance your employment in "the real world." But consider the comparison below:

Your Job based on
Accreditation / College Degree
Your Job based on
Sanctification / Personal Development
I want YOU to do something for me I am doing something for others
(job, promotion, etc.) and gaining the approval of God
because I have this piece of paper ("diploma") because I transformed my character and worldview
and I have a right to get my student loans paid off. and considered the cost of not doing so

In a traditional college, you could

  • go to the library (or go to Wikepedia)
  • research a paper (or go online to get a pre-written college paper)
  • cram all night for an exam

we don't charge you $$$ to certify that you did these [valuable?] things