Day 64: Westminster: The Duty of Man to God

The Larger Catechism divides the Christian religion into two sections:
  • What Man Ought to Believe Concerning God (theology)
  • Having seen what the Scriptures principally teach us to believe concerning God, it follows to consider what they require as the Duty of Man.

We have already considered the first approach.

Under this perspective, we look for ways that God wants to challenge us, change us, and use us to change the world.

We look for our DUTY, not just theological DOCTRINE.


The God who gave you life deserves your respect
Every Word this God speaks deserves your attention/obedience
Bible is not just for "private" religion, "down in your heart"
Also for public policy
Textbook for every area

When Americans learned the Bible in public schools,
America was the most prosperous, admired nation on earth

Now U.S. is the #1 exporter of weapons/pornography.

Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.

"judgmental" vs. Hitler