Day 51:  Text #1: The Bible

The Bible is the Most Important Book in the History of the Human Race

What does the Bible say about the issues that face America (A-Z):





Our First Assigned Text:
The most important work in the history of America and Western Civilization, obviously, is the Bible.
The Bible is the most important book in the history of the human race.

Atheists might disagree with that statement at first, but consider the fact that TIME Magazine named Adolph Hitler the "Man of the Year" in 1939. Not that Hitler was the nicest man, but Hitler was the most important man that year and had the most significant impact on the world.

Some atheists might then say the Bible has had a negative effect on the world, by trapping its readers in superstition and non-reason.

But simply compare those nations where the Bible is freely distributed with those nations where the Bible is banned. The Bible brings social order, "civil rights," lower crime, charity and welfare, science and practical arts, and gives nations the highest standard of living. It is almost impossible for any thinking person to imagine what the world would be like if the Bible had never been written.

Despite opposition from tyrants and dictators over the centuries, the Bible has continued to be preserved, translated, printed and circulated. It is a truly miraculous book.

George Washington read the Bible an hour every morning.
Then another hour in the evening.
America's Founding Fathers knew it well.
It takes 11 minutes a day to read the Bible
from cover to cover in one year.
Maybe you've already read the Bible --
but you read it as a religious book.
A "devotional" book.
A book to "inspire" you.
A book to help your "self-esteem."
We're going to read the Bible as
marching orders from General Headquarters.
We're going to read the Bible as a
non-religious book, as a
textbook in political science and economics.
For example,
We're going to pay close attention to
what the Bible says about
inflation and fractional reserve banking,
which led the Framers of the Constitution to say
"No state shall make anything but gold or silver
 a tender in payment in of debts."
Americans in 1776 knew what the Bible said about economics, law, political science, and more.
Americans today do not.

Christianity is not just religious devotionals.

Christianity is a worldview that affects every area of life.

To the left and the right you can see a list of contemporary issues which the Bible addresses directly and clearly. During the next 365 days, you'll see these issues in the Bible like America's Founding Fathers did, and like you've never seen them before.
In addition, you're going to see the story of the Bible like you've never seen it before. Many Christians today believe the story of the Bible goes something like this:
  • God created planet earth;
  • God put man on earth to be a good steward;
  • Satan tempted man;
  • Man rebelled against God, choosing to be his own god instead,
  • Satan now controls the world.
  • Even during the future "millennium," Satan leads a rebellion at the end, and the whole glorious millennium falls apart.
  • Since Satan and man refuse to play God's game by God's rules, God has to take his cosmic football and go home.

In other words, Satan wins.

Pretty dismal story, isn't it?

Sure, God sent His Son, who died on the cross, so that some of the players can be forgiven for their rebellion and go home with God when He takes His football and runs away from certain defeat on earth, but God's original purposes for man and the creation were thwarted by Satan, the ultimate victor.

The Bible doesn't teach this.

The Bible says our purpose as human beings is to turn a fallen wilderness into a Garden-City. We can do this because we have been re-created by Christ. The New Jerusalem is the "Vine & Fig Tree" society.

Hundreds of years before Christ, the prophet Daniel spoke of the first Christmas, the birth of the Messiah in the days of the Roman Empire. That barbaric, debauched empire was destroyed, and the Kingdom of Christ began growing like a mustard tree, like leaven, like a field (Matthew 13). The Emperor Justinian began Christianizing the Eastern Roman Empire, and in the West kings like Alfred and Ethelbert made the 10 Commandments the basis of new legal systems. The "Common Law" began, with a Christian foundation, and eventually found its way into the Constitution of the United States, "a Christian nation." Though there have been ups and downs, the progress of Christianity has been undeniable -- at least to those who have been taught the facts of history.

Most Americans in the 21st century have not.

If you enroll in the Samuel Adams Coaching Program, you will learn the story of the "Vine & Fig Tree." You will learn that the Bible says the purpose of the first Christmas was that "the knowledge of the Lord should cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." (Isaiah 11:9; Habakkuk 2:14). This has been going on for 2,000 years now. This is a wonderful story that isn't being told.

Some people sincerely believe that the Bible says that everything is going to get worse and worse until God finally destroys everything and then starts over. (Why He would want to go through failure again is not disclosed.)

You will read a different story in the Bible when you enroll in the Samuel Adams Coaching Program, and have a coach pointing out things in the Bible that you may have missed.

Perhaps you're reluctant to pay your tuition for a class that teaches something very different from what you've always heard. So we'll give you the entire year-long curriculum. We want to make it clear that simply reading the class outline in a week, or even a month, will not give you the same result as you will have if you enroll in the Samuel Adams Coaching Program and study a little bit each day, think about it, study more the next day, pray about it, and take an entire year to complete your reading of the “Vine & Fig Tree” story. It just won't be the same.

But you wouldn't be a good shopper if you bought a product without knowing what it delivered. So if you're doubtful about our agenda, here are two ways to survey the story of the Bible that you'll learn in the year-long Samuel Adams Coaching Program.

The first way is a 12-day study entitled "The 12 Days of Liberty." It's modeled after the "12 Days of Christmas," which take place from December 25 to January 6. You've never heard the Christmas message like this:

This study is obviously not a review of the entire Bible, though many other parts of the Bible are reviewed besides the Christmas narratives in the Gospels.

Here, then, is a review of the entire Bible. Again, it is no substitute for the Berean model of searching the Scriptures daily. And reading them all in an afternoon is not the same as reading one a day and thinking about it prayerfully over a period of time. But just so you can see an example of the worldview of the Samuel Adams Coaching Program, here are 95 Bible Studies, patterned loosely after Martin Luther's "95 Theses," somewhat-humorously called “The 95 Days of Christmas”:

Welcome to “The 95 Days of Christmas” | View
The Importance of Luther's 95 Theses | View
The Origin of These 95 Theses | View
Introduction: Taking the Bible Seriously | View
Thesis 1: Christ the Word | View
Thesis 2: Christ the Creator | View
Thesis 3: Creation, not Evolution | View
Thesis 4: Omniscience, Predestination, and Providence | View
Thesis 5: “Self-Evident Truths” | View
A. “Vine & Fig TreeBEFORE THE FALL | View
Thesis 6: The Biological Basis of Patriarchy | View
Thesis 7: The Dominion Mandate | View
Thesis 8: Patriarchy and “the Extended Family” | View
Thesis 9: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the Sanctions of the Covenant | View
Thesis 10: The Priority of Agrarianism | View
Thesis 11: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the Mountain | View
B. “Vine & Fig TreeBEFORE THE FLOOD | View
Thesis 12: The Fall Of The Angels | View
Thesis 13: The Fall of Man | View
Thesis 14: The Purpose of Cain’s “Suspended Sentence” | View
Thesis 15: Cain’s City: The Autonomy of the State | View
Thesis 16: The Demonic Roots of Violent Tyranny | View
C. “Vine & Fig TreeBEFORE SINAI | View
Thesis 17: The Post-Flood Absence of The Institutional Church | View
Thesis 18: The Patriarchal Power Of “Capital Punishment” | View
Thesis 19: Nimrod: The First Politician (Post-Flood) | View
Thesis 20: “Vine & Fig Tree” vs. Political Slavery | View
Thesis 21: Demonic Activity At   Babel | View
Thesis 22: The Division of The Nations | View
Thesis 23: Evangelism In The Old Covenant | View
Thesis 24: “Vine & Fig Tree,” “National Defense,” And Military Socialism | View
Thesis 25: “Vine & Fig Tree” and “Sacraments”: Circumcision | View
Thesis 27: “Vine & Fig Tree”, Precious Metals, and Money | View
Thesis 26: The Myth of The “Separation Of Church And State” | View
Thesis 28: Salvation is Political | View
D. “Vine & Fig TreeUNDER MOSES | View
Thesis 29: “Vine & Fig Tree” and Resistance to Tyranny in the Early Days of the Old Testament | View
Thesis 30: As With All Angelic Activity, No State Action Is Coincidental or Random | View
Thesis 31: Ceremony, Ritual, Liturgy, And The “Pedagogical Law” | View
Thesis 32: “Vine & Fig Tree” and “Sacraments”: Passover | View
Thesis 33: Patriarchs And “Elders” | View
Thesis 34: The Need for a Pedagogical Legal Structure | View
Thesis 35: Angels And The Pedagogical Legal Structure | View
Thesis 36: The Promised Land | View
Thesis 37: The Temporary Character of The First “Church Officers” | View
Thesis 38: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the Temple  | View
Thesis 39: Patriarchy and Education | View
Thesis 40: “Vine & Fig Tree” and Oaths | View
E. “Vine & Fig TreeAND THE RISE OF THE STATE | View
Thesis 41: The Character of “gods” | View
Thesis 42: National Security Without a State | View
Thesis 43: The Prohibition of Monarchism | View
Thesis 44: The State as the Answer to the Prayers of Rebels | View
Thesis 45: The Inferiority of Old Covenant Typological Mediators | View
F. “Vine & Fig TreeAND PROVIDENCE : THE STATE | View
Thesis 46: Romans 8:28 and The State | View
Thesis 47: God’s Sovereign Ordering of Every State | View
Thesis 48: The State Serves God by Sinning | View
Thesis 49: The State As Sanctified “Servant”/“Deacon”/”Minister” | View
Thesis 50: The State Does Not Serve God Self-Consciously | View
Thesis 51: Only One King Self-Consciously Serves God | View
Thesis 52: Judgment of the State in Heaven and Earth | View
Thesis 53: Moloch-Worship and the Nature of Idols | View
Thesis 54: War, Capital Punishment, and “The Sword” | View
Thesis 55: The Throne of David | View
G. “Vine & Fig TreeAND THE MESSIAH | View
Thesis 56: Statism At The Time Of Christ | View
Thesis 57: Kingship, Citizenship, and The Gospel | View
Thesis 58: The Civil Authority of The Pastor: Christ The Shepherd | View
Thesis 59: Jewish Opposition To The Kingdom | View
Thesis 60: Christ’s Binding of Satan | View
Thesis 61: True Power vs. Political Power | View
Thesis 62: Agrarianism As Environmentalism | View
Thesis 63: Christ’s Ascension to the Throne of David | View
Thesis 64: The Camaraderie of “Church” And State | View
Thesis 65: Fox News and the Coming of the Kingdom | View
Thesis 66: The Anointed King vs. Political Kings | View
Thesis 67: Jesus The Nazarene | View
Thesis 68: Extremism Vs. Neutrality | View
Thesis 69: Sons of God and Pedagogues | View
Thesis 70: Judgment and the Church-Courts of Christ | View
Thesis 71: The Apostolic Church and the Spread of Power | View
Thesis 72: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the House-Church | View
Thesis 73: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the “Sacraments”: Baptism | View
Thesis 74: “Vine & Fig Tree” and the “Sacraments”: “The Lord’s Supper” | View
Thesis 75: Self-Ordination | View
Thesis 76: Salt and Statism | View
Thesis 77: Political Authority and Kingdom Citizenship | View
Thesis 78: “Vine & Fig Tree” and Resistance to Tyranny in the Last Days of the Old Covenant | View
Thesis 79: Taxation, Kingdom Citizenship, and Overcoming Through Suffering | View
Thesis 80: Violence | View
Thesis 81: Vengeance | View
Thesis 82: Creationist Anarcho-Socialism and Darwinian Archo-Socialism | View
Thesis 83: Pedagogy and The Powers | View
Thesis 84: The End of Archists: The Pedagogues Judged by the Church | View
Thesis 85: The Last Days of the Old Covenant | View
I. “Vine & Fig TreeINTHE MILLENNIUM” | View
Thesis 86: “The Millennium” | View
Thesis 87: “Ruling with Christ” | View
Thesis 88: Salvation as Light and Social Healing | View
Thesis 89: Edenic Restoration | View
Thesis 90: The New Heavens and New Earth | View
Thesis 91: The Unconverted In the “Millennium” | View
Thesis 92: The Last Acts of Earthly Archists | View
Thesis 93: The City of God | View

You need to go through the entire year-long program to appreciate these studies. You do yourself a disservice if you try to judge any one of the studies without studying the entire series. Real change will take place when you work through the entire Bible systematically, daily, prayerfully, thoughtfully, over the course of a year. The change in your thinking -- the change in your worldview -- will not come about because we forced you or tricked you. You will experience those "Aha!' moments when the lightbulb goes on and you're never able to look at the Bible the same way again.

The significance of most of these studies will become clearer after you become acquainted with the four other works that we'll be covering in the Samuel Adams Coaching Program.







P R S T U V W Y Z #

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Read through the Bible in one year
with a mentor who can help you see
that Peace is Possible

Why Read the Bible?

The Old Testament
advocates war, slavery, genocide, and vengeful retaliation.
The Teachings of Jesus
are impractical, pacifistic, utopian, unrealistic, and should be relegated to the inner religious meditations of a Mother Theresa, but should be kept away from public policy, especially foreign affairs and military strategy.

Both sides of this coin are wrong.
We need to examine these myths.

Jesus endorsed the Old Testament, which says that war is evil. The prophets spoke of a day when we would beat our swords into plowshares and everyman would dwell securely under his own Vine & Fig Tree -- not because his property was being taken from him to fund the "military-industrial complex," (which "keeps us all safe,"), but because nobody was training for war any more. Western Civilization is Christianized Civilization. If we were to follow the teachings of Jesus in Washington D.C., we would experience security, peace, and economic prosperity. No war that the U.S. federal government has waged has ever made things better than they would have been without military intervention.
  • How did the Civil War make things better? It gave us complete domination by the federal government.
  • What future was improved for Poland and Czechoslovakia by World War II? They were rescued from Hitler and turned over to Stalin.
  • How did U.S. war help the people of Iraq? A westernized, secular nation was converted into an Islamic Theocracy that leans toward Iran. Hundreds of thousands of Christians were killed or made homeless. Infrastructure was destroyed.
  • Which improvements in the human condition have ever been won by war?
  • Which war brought smaller government?
  • Which war raised anyone's standard of living?
  • We're told that if we follow the "pacifist" ethics of Jesus and beat our "swords into plowshares," we'll end up living in a "warlord society" and millions of people will die.
    In the 20th century, the world's war-making powers killed hundreds of millions of human beings.
    • They killed 250 million of their own citizens.
    • They killed 250 million human beings from other nations in senseless wars.
    • How could it possibly be worse if the human race denounced the entire idea of archism?
    • Archists not only murdered a half a billion people, they enslaved more than a billion, and confiscated trillions of dollars of private property. This is "rational," "sensible," "practical," "realistic" and "real world," and the Bible is not???
    • This is Insanity. It is the non-reason of idolatry.
    • Obama claims the right to kill anyone he wants, and imprison indefinitely. How is he not a "warlord?" Just because warlordism is global and now has a long tradition, does not mean it is no longer "warlordism."
    • Would Jesus Celebrate Memorial Day?
  • We already live in a corporate-warlord society. The United States is the largest arms dealer in a world of archist violence.


We should take both the Old Testament and the New Testament seriously.