Day 48  The Importance of History

Graduates of government-run atheistic schools are grievously ignorant of history:
  • they are ignorant of American Constitutional history, and therefore of Constitutional law.
  • they are ignorant of the history of the human race as chronicled in the Bible, and therefore of God's Law and morality.

Those who are ignorant of Law are subject to tyrants.

Knowledge of history has other benefits:

  • learning from mistakes
  • we are not the most highly evolved
  • How will the future judge our present?
  • abuses: "wrong side of history"

During this program, we focus on the three mistakes made by America's Founders, and we ask three questions as we read the Bible:

  1. Should we have an attitude of gratitude, or of entitlement?
    Should we obey or should we demand?
  2. Is Rebellion against Tyrants Obedience to God?
    Should tyrants be converted or assassinated?
    How do we move our society from tyranny to Vine & Fig Tree?
    Do you know a tyrant? "Tyranny" and "Liberty" are abstractions. If you personally know a tyrant, witness to him. Do you know someone who profits from tyranny? Witness to him. Do you have an anti-tyranny apologetic ready in your heart? You "honor" the king by not treating him as an impersonal abstraction.
  3. Would the world be worse off or better off
    if all archists resigned and got jobs in the private sector?