Day 43:  Most Hated Word #1 - THEOCRACY!

Literally, "God rules."

The First Huge Mistake made by America's Founding Fathers was the concept of "rights."

We saw that the proper approach was to ground life, liberty and property (or the "pursuit of happiness") in our social duties not to kill, steal, kidnap, bear false witness, etc.

Why is it I have a duty not to kill you? Where does this duty come from? There are many theories in the universities, but none stand up to examination or can be lived out consistently in practice. The best protection for "human rights" is a strong sense of duty to God. America's Founding Fathers were unanimous in the conviction that a nation cannot remain free if it ignores its duties toward God. These duties are spelled out in the Declaration of Independence: "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God." That linked webpage shows pretty conclusively that America's Founders understood that phrase to refer to the Bible.

We want our nation to be "under God," not a government that thinks it is God.

America used to be a nation "under God."

That's why America has always been a Christian Theocracy.

Everybody at the ACLU and every anti-theocracy action group on the Left agrees that New England was Theocratic from the early 1600's and for a few generations thereafter. If you try to get the Shorter Catechism taught in public schools, someone will accuse you of trying to "impose a theocracy," even though the Catechism was in every classroom in every colony in America in 1776.

Before the Declaration of Independence was signed, every one of the 13 colonies was a Christian Theocracy.

Did the Declaration of Independence change this? Did the Declaration secularize America?

Of course not.

But if you try to get the Declaration of Independence taught as truth in public secular schools today, you will be accused of "trying to impose a theocracy." The Declaration of Independence from Britain is also a Declaration of Dependence on God. The Declaration of Independence is a Theocratic document.

A "theocracy" is where God rules. George Washington described God as "the ruler of nations." Notably, nations that are called "Christian Nations." England was one of those "Christian nations." So was America.

The Constitution did not secularize the 13 Christian Theocracies. Americans wouldn't have ratified the Constitution if they had known or suspected that it would do to America what has been done to America in the name of the Constitution. Nobody treated the Constitution as a document that secularized the 13 Christian Theocracies. Read about their actions here. See the links in the box at right.

America was a Christian Theocracy from 1600 to 1800 and beyond. In 1892 the Supreme Court of the United States still declared that America was "a Christian nation."

A Christian Theocracy is not the same thing as a Muslim Theocracy. A Theocracy led by the Prince of Peace is very different from a theocracy led by a god of war. A Christian Theocracy is a "Vine & Fig Tree" society where Christ is King in heaven. No state-church. No church-state. No state-priests. No church-police.

If you enroll in our year-long coaching program, we'll read about this during the next 365 days. We'll read five of the most important works in the history of America, and become Christian Theocrats in just one year. One of our assigned texts deals with the issue of Theocracy and the myth of the "Separation of Church and State."  Details here.

America's Founders agreed that our nation must be "under God" -- the true God, not Osama bin Ladin's God -- and thus a Christian Theocracy, governed by the true religion.

              God's Law is the antidote to "entitlements" and "rights"

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