Day 37: Huge Mistake Number One: "Rights"
The Founders emphasized "rights" instead of duties.

You ask, "What's wrong with human rights?"

If America's Founders could see America in 2013, they would see immediately what's wrong with "rights."

I’ll give you an example.

None of us has a "right to life."

We all have a duty not to kill, but life is a gift, and we don't have a claim on life. God wasn’t obligated to create us, fearing that if He didn’t, He would violate our “right to life.”
Only the Sovereign has rights.
George Washington understood that God was Sovereign, but he inconsistently flattered Americans with talk about their “rights.”
Today’s concept of “rights” is destroying America.
The absence of a sense of a Duty to God is also destroying America.

Has your mind been polluted by this toxic concept?

You must avoid this mistake because it prevents you from becoming a servant of others (Mark 10:42-45), as we'll see below.


Americans today think they have a "right" to a first-class education, a high-paying job, wonder-working healthcare, and just about everything they want -- all free, of course.

This "entitlement" mentality is bankrupting America.

The Bible says to work six days and rest on the sabbath, but modern Americans want to play six days and work only if absolutely necessary. We are disconnected from our calling to work and "exercise dominion" over the earth. We substitute military domination for Biblical dominion through service. We all want something for nothing.

America's Founders did speak of duties (in a way and to a degree that public schools today cannot), but their talk about "rights” undercut and negated their talk about duties.