Day 36: We don't worship the Founding Fathers.

There is a lot of mythology concerning America's Founding Fathers.

It began almost immediately.

Look at a couple of representative paintings on the left.

"Apotheosis" means "becoming a deity."

Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, not George Washington.

We can appreciate the many good things America's Founders did and said, but "power corrupts," and America's Founders proved to be corruptible.

"The Apotheosis of Washington"
Civil War-Era fresco in the dome in
the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building

George Washington’s Ascension to Heaven

John Gast's American Progress

"In John Gast's 'American Progress,' a diaphanously and precariously clad American floats westward thru the air with the "Star of Empire" on her forehead.  She has left the cities of the East behind, and the wide Mississippi, and still her course is westward. In her right hand she carries a school book, testimonial of the National Enlightenment, while with her left hand she trails the slender wires of the telegraph that will bind the nation.  Fleeing her approach are Indians, buffalo, wild horses, bears, and other game, disappearing into the storm and waves of the Pacific Coast.  They flee the wondrous vision - the Star 'is too much for them.'"