Day 35: • "Knowledge" vs. "self-esteem"

The prosperous discharge of a lawful calling (work) brings self-esteem.

Today's public school students score lower than most nations in academics, but higher (usually number one) on "self-esteem." This means Americans think they're "exceptional," even though they are not.

They do not understand how the world works, their place in that world, and how their work serves others.

Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Every industrious man, in every lawful calling, is a useful man. And one principal reason why men are so often useless is that they neglect their own profession or calling, and divide and shift their attention among a multiplicity of objects and pursuits.”

Irish Law, 1695

WHERE AS many idle persons refuse to work at their lawful calling and labour on several days in the year, on pretence that the same is dedicated to some saint, or pretended saint, patron or pretended patron, for whom they have or pretend to have reverence or respect, and chuse rather to spend such dayes in idleness, drunkenness, and vice, to the scandal of religion, rather than following and working in their lawful calling and usual imployment, which hath been found by experience to tend very much to the impoverishing and hindring the improvement of this kingdom : for remedy whereof, be it enacted by the King's most excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that if any common labourer, being hired or other servant retained, shall refuse to work upon any other day than the several days hereafter mentioned, being thereunto required, upon the usual and accustomed wages, (that is to say) all Sundays in the year [and other holy days]

every such person or persons so refusing

shall forfeit the sum of two shillings, to be paid at such time, or to such person as by the said justice of the peace, or other chief officer aforesaid, shall be appointed, to be disposed of to the poor of the parish where such offence shall be committed;

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