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What Kind of Problems
Can GeorgeWashingtonCoaching Overcome?

We deal with all kinds of problems, except those that are caused by organic brain damage, or other problems which require surgery or pharmaceuticals.


Problems That Can Be Solved Through Personal Coaching
Taken from various coaching websites around the web

  1. Anxiety and phobias.
  2. Relationship problems, and problems of connecting with people in general: feeling socially inept and insecure, inability to express and share thoughts and feelings, extreme shyness.; lack of assertiveness, over-adaptation
  3. Depression: deep grief or despair; loneliness, abandonment isolation.
  4. Psychosomatic complaints not responding to medical care.

The next most common other motives are:

  1. Sexual problems.
  2. Addictions.
  3. Obesity and eating disorders.
  4. Being stuck or blocked: seeing no way out, feeling imprisoned, impotent rage.
  5. Loss of direction: Where to go? What to do? What is the meaning of life? Discovering the life plan.
  6. Inability to change: though understanding what the problem is and what should be done, nothing changes.
  7. Exploration: discovering and freeing hidden talents, personal development, increasing mental health.
These problems were not as widespread 200 years ago as they are today. Back then, people developed a Biblical worldview when they were young. They knew that they were put on earth to serve others. The whole of their lives was animated by Biblical purpose and enthusiasm. Children skipped "adolescence" entirely and became productive and fulfilled adults.

What kind of problems would you have to seek out a life coach? You would be stuck in some transition in your life and be unable to move past it. You might hate your job, and know what you want to do, but not be able to take the steps to get there. You might want to start your own business, go back to school, write that novel, start a relationship, end a relationship, or be going into retirement and not know how to handle the rest of your life.

Bangalore-based coach Sujit Sumitran says the issues could range from anger and stress management, interpersonal issues, a failed relationship, a stagnant career, work-life balance to relocation problems. Often people come for career advice and end up addressing other issues. Hollywood celeb Jennifer Aniston recently hired a life coach to help her find time for a baby. It's not surprising that life coaches partly attribute the increased demand for their services to the breakdown of the joint family system. The coach is now taking the place of the mother, father or some other elder, who gave counsel through life's decisions and conflicts.

Personal coaching is ideal for individuals who are making a transition, struggling with a career decision or relationship issue or seeking more balance and personal fulfillment. Personal coaching can help individuals make effective decisions, improve interpersonal communication skills, and cope successfully with change.

Individuals who want to live a bigger life

Professionals who desire more from their career

Adults who struggle with personal relationships

People trying to balance their work and life

Adults who have elderly parents and are trying to take care of them

People in a midlife transition

Women who are going through a divorce

What kind of problems can be helped with Energy Psychology and Healing?

  • Anxiety, Depression, Mood swings
  • Stress and Stress related conditions
  • Anger, Frustration, Irritability
  • Addictions (including but not limited to, eating, smoking, drinking problems)
  • Losses (including loss of loved ones, pets, identity, status, job, and other)
  • Fears, Phobias (including social or public speaking fears, fear of flying or driving)
  • Sexual or intimacy problems
  • Money related issues
  • Food and weight related problems
  • Confidence, Self-esteem, Self-sabotage issues
  • Relationship problems

What kinds of problems do life coaches address?
Not everyone who works with a life coach has some kind of problem in their life. Just as athletes do, some people work with a life coach to improve their game. Get better at what they do and who they are as a person. Anyone who is experiencing a change in their life can benefit from the support of a life coach.
Changes include, career change, layoff, relationship change, mid-life refocus, even a change in attitude!

What kind of problems do young people bring to coaching:

  • bullying,
  • depression,
  • eating disorders,
  • family problems,
  • self-harm,
  • anti-social behaviour,
  • sexuality,
  • suicidal feelings,
  • maybe you hate your body,
  • problems committing to school work,
  • parents breaking up,
  • a death in the family.


  • personality disorders
  • panic attacks
  • complicated grief
  • dissociative disorders
  • disturbing memories
  • phobias
  • pain disorders
  • eating disorders
  • performance anxiety
  • stress reduction
  • addictions
  • sexual and/or physical abuse
  • body dysmorphic disorders

What kind of problems can I talk to a coach about?
There are no hard and fast rules. If something is troubling you it can be worth spending some time thinking about why this may be happening. There are however a number of issues that frequently come up, for example:

  • Relationship difficulties.
    • Family and friends,
    • colleagues,
    • commitment,
    • jealousy,
    • abuse
  • Family issues.
    • Partners,
    • children
    • parenting,
    • separation and divorce,
    • homesickness,
    • empty nest
  • Lack of confidence. Worried about failing, never being good enough, feeling judged
  • Depression. Feeling isolated, lonely, empty, tearful, unloved, suicidal.
  • Repeated destructive behaviour. Binge eating, harming yourself, abusive relationships, alcohol, drugs
  • Exam and study stress. Feeling out of control, panic attacks, feelings of inadequacy
  • Bereavement. Grief, loss, anger, loneliness, sadness and depression

Coaching is not kind of psychological or psychiatric therapy. It is for mentally healthy people who just have difficulties in their lives and are trying to create satisfying life. This process is for people who want to be on higher level of their personal development. What kind of problems are tackled during coaching sessions? There are 3 kinds of coaching: life coaching, business coaching and team coaching. In area of life coaching are all themes concerning private life: relations with a partner, friends, children and parents. Business coaching concerns matters of work: relationships boss – employee, workers, professional career and dilemmas about career. However team coaching helps to create positive team bonds in companies. People have a coach often when they want to:

  • become better parent, wife, husband, daughter, son, boss, worker
  • find partner
  • find (better) work
  • earn more money
  • control stress and emotions
  • improve their time management
  • find time for recreation and fun
  • improve public speeches
  • improve his/her image and appearance
  • work on effective weight loss
  • raise their self-esteem and self – confidence
  • learn how to be assertive
  • improve her/his health and physical condition
  • find solutions of important decisions of life such as move, change place of living and work, making choice of home
  • become independent
  • pass exam for driving license, exams after high school, studies and the other important exams for person
  • make effective plans for example about beginning/ continuing studies and/or learning foreign languages
  • be happy and get joy of life.

Here is a list of life coaching niches. Use it as a guide, to to see what other coaching niches are available:

Business Coaching
A business coach helps her coaching clients with all aspects of business. You can (and you should!) niche even more, within business coaching, as there are many types of business coaches.

For example, there are business coaches for virtual assistants, business coaches for work from home moms, business coaches for women business owners, and many more.

Marketing Coaching
Do you like marketing? Do you want to teach your coaching clients how to market their businesses? Then marketing coaching is for you. As a marketing coach, you can help your clients with marketing their businesses.

As with business coaching, there are many niches within marketing coaching, as many different business owners need help with their marketing. For example, you can be a marketing coach for people who run virtual assistant businesses. Or, you can be a marketing coach for speakers.

Dating And Relationship Coaching
Another big areas of coaching are dating coaching and relationship coaching. Many people are looking for help with their relationships, or they are looking for help with finding someone to date or marry.

There are many aspects of dating coaching and relationship coaching that you niche in. For example, you can be a dating coach for women, who want to start dating after divorce. Or you can be a dating coach for women under 40, looking to meet their future husband. Or, you can coach people in online dating.

Health, Fitness And Weight Loss Coaching
Health, fitness and weight loss is another popular coaching area. Many potential coaching clients are looking for help with health, weight loss and fitness, and they are looking for coaches to help them in those areas.

If you are interested in helping people lose weight and keep it off, then weight loss coaching is for you. For example of a niche, you can help women over 50 lose weight and keep it off. Or, you can be a healthy cooking coach, and help your coaching clients cook foods that are healthy and taste good too.

Career Coaching
Do you want to coach clients who are looking for a job, or want to change careers? Do you want to help people who are looking for a career in a certain field? Then look into becoming a career coach. You can use career coaching to help your coaching find the job and career of their dreams!

If you want to help coaching clients with their careers, then you can pick a niche in career coaching. For example, you can be a career coach for stay at home moms, who are returning to work. Or, you can be a coach for women over 40, who are looking for a career change.

Parenting And Family Coaching
Do you want to help your coaching clients create better relationships with their kids? Do you want to help your coaching clients with their parenting? Then you can become a parenting coach.

For example, a niche within parenting coaching could be a coach for parents of teenagers, where you help your coaching clients create better relationships with their teenagers. Or, you can be a coach for parents of toddlers.

Urgent Problems

Coaching Successes




New fulfilling job/career

Unfulfilled in current job

Better paying job or career

Struggling for promotion, better pay, recognition

Career success and recognition

Not ready for new job/advancement

Promotion to a better position

Struggling to retire

Happy, comfortable retirement

Confused about life purpose

Clear life purpose and career path

Trouble getting performance jobs (actors, musicians)

Exciting performance opportunities

Unsure how to invest money successfully

Clear plan to invest money with great results

Working too hard for too little money

Earning passive income

Sick and tired of having money fears and stress

Confidence and success with money

Successful but empty inside


Fear of low performance in job


Not getting enough done (negative impact on career)  



Low productivity among certain employees/teams

High productivity

Bad cooperation among certain employees/teams; conflicts, missed goals

Happy employees who work great together and achieve goals

Not enough sales/revenues

Great flow of sales/revenues

Employees struggling with company changes/transitions

Smooth transitions and low turnover

Employees struggling with health problems

Healthy employees

Employees struggling with back pain/neck pain/computer-related pain

Executives frustrated with communication/leadership

Effective leaders/executives



Family and Relationships

Family and Relationships

Getting a divorce

Divorce averted; marriage promises to be kept

Recovering from a divorce


Marriage problems, fighting, dissatisfaction

Renewed spark in marriage

Sex problems, performance issues

Great fulfilling sex

Nervous/overwhelmed with upcoming wedding

Peace and happiness with wedding

Single and lonely 

Attract beloved or soul mate

Single and biological time clock is ticking

Start a new family with beloved

Fighting with a close family member

Love and harmony among family members

Lonely after kids moved out (empty nester)

Passion and fulfillment after kids have grown

Problems raising kids/teenagers  

Happy kids that get along and listen to parents

Grief, guilt, regret, loneliness following death of loved one

Peace after death of loved one



Health & Image

Health & Image

Pregnancy health issues

Healthy happy pregnancy


Getting pregnant successfully

Struggling with serious illness (focus on specific type)

Relief from symptoms of illness


Cure from illness

Recovering from injury (e.g. sports)

Quick successful recovery from injury

Problems with menopause

Smooth comfortable menopause

Smoking/drug addictions

Freedom from addictions


Ideal weight

Suffering from pain (many types, e.g., back pain from working at the computer)


Dietary changes, not sure what to eat

Healthy diet you love

Food allergies/sensitivities


Low energy (Be specific about how this is impacting their life)

Vibrant high energy to do the things you love

Not ready for a professional image (being on stage)

Exciting attractive new image

Out of shape

Fit, tone and in shape

Skin problems, acne, dryness, etc

Beautiful skin

Can’t sleep, disrupted sleep

Deep, satisfying sleep

Stress and anxiety 


Pet health problems

Happy, healthy pets



Struggling with cash flow

Steady, abundant cash flow

Not enough clients

Constant stream of new clients

Working too hard

Work less, work part-time and maintain success

Not enough people coming to events

Sold-out events and programs

Low sales

Confidence and success with selling

Too small list of potential clients Big responsive list of potential clients

Too many potential clients saying No

Happy clients who keep buying

Too many 1-1 clients, not enough time

Sell information products and books online


Profitable group programs

Not enough support from team

Solid, supportive team

Confused about marketing plan, don’t know what to do

Clear, lucrative marketing plan

Not enough time to get things done

Get important projects done and see results

Important people and details falling through the cracks



Get your book done and celebrate

Overwhelmed with starting a new business

Start new business with clarity and confidence

Afraid of public speaking

Be a powerful confident public speaker


Business growth, innovation


Great work/life balance


Recognition and publicity

Lost passion for the business

Confident, effective leadership that people respond to

On the verge of burning out  
Disorganized and losing business  


Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

  1. Feel better – To feel lighter, more relaxed, more confident, more authentic, more focused, more energized, etc. Hiring a life coach can be like hitting a reset button on your life. It’s an opportunity to start fresh. It is time set aside just for you … and to focus on you. It’s a chance to be self-full (not selfish). To spend time talking about what you REALLY want and what is truly important to you. Once you start to think about and focus on what you REALLY want, you naturally start to manifest it in your life.
  2. Create balance – You will move beyond going through the motions and only doing what you ‘have to’. You will start doing more of what you really want to. When you work with a good life coach you will find and create balance in your life as you spend time talking about your deep truths, your authentic desires and build a plan to get there. You will be taking regular time to give to yourself. This in itself creates balance. As you work on your personal development you are building your relationship with YOU. Our relationship to ourselves is the most important relationship we have. It directly impacts all other relationships in our life.
  3. Gain focus and clarity - With a good life coach you will start to get clear on what is a priority for you and how to stay focused on that. You will also get really clear and honest about where you are right now – how far off are you from where you really want to be? What is keeping you stuck? Your life coach will support you to make concrete goals and a clear vision of where you are headed. He will keep you on track and support you to get there. He will listen to you as you have never been listened to before. She will see you and hear you fully as your Authentic Self.
  4. Make wiser decisions – Once you hire a good life coach you start learning to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. You will actually start to think differently! It is as if you retrain your brain to appreciate the good and find the positive in your life. This allows you to look for solutions not problems. You will learn new ways to think and perceive your life and relationships. You will gain a wider perspective. You will receive unbiased, non-judgmental support and guidance. You will learn to stop Self Sabotage, self doubt and overcome restrictive beliefs.
  5. Get an action plan! – You will leave each session with inspired actions to take before your next session. You will get ideas and a plan to start creating what you want in you life. You must start doing something different to get different results. If you keep doing what you are doing you will get more of the same.

Why Hire a Life Coach? | Stretch Beyond Stuck Sanctuary



The best way to learn is to teach.

The best way to be healed is to empty yourself for the sick.

We require each of our clients to mentor at least two people during our year-long coaching program. You encourage someone who is going through the same materials you have already completed. This is a requirement of every mature Christian.

We do not believe it is necessary for anyone to be a "professional" in order to help bring about extraordinary personal transformation in another person.

And concerning you, my brethren, I myself also am convinced that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able also to admonish one another.
Romans 15:14

The word "admonish" is νουθετέω, noutheteo, which means, admonish, warn, exhort, counsel. It is a duty of all believers, not just "clergy" or state-licensed "professionals."

Ephesians 6:4
And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
Colossians 3:16
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
1 Thessalonians 5:14
Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.
2 Thessalonians 3:15
Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother
Titus 3:10
A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject
Acts 20:31
Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.
1 Corinthians 4:14
I write not these things to shame you, but as my beloved sons I warn you.
1 Corinthians 10:11
Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.
Colossians 1:28
Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:
1 Thessalonians 5:12
And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you;

"Amateurs" should not be barred from engaging in this kind of "coaching."

There are basically two parts to our coaching program.

  1. Pre-Season Training
    We study and learn "the playbook" as a team. Every member of the football team needs to know the plays. Our "playbook" consists of the following:
    1. The Bible - Our only infallible standard.
    2. The Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms
    3. "Capitalism" - Providence and Peaceful Economics
    4. "Theocracy" - Providence and Government Under God
    5. "Optimillennialism" - Optimism concerning the possibility of Kingdom victory and "Peace on Earth."
    This is sometimes referred to as "training" or "education," or "spiritual formation."
  2. Coaching/counseling/mentoring/consulting
    , We help individuals overcome obstacles to carrying out the plays in their everyday lives.
    We help expose blind spots. The Scriptural view of coaching involves three C’s—Concern, Confrontation, and Change. Out of concern for a brother or sister in trouble spiritually, one lovingly confronts him in order to bring about change that is pleasing to God.
    Positively, We help individuals maximize their performance, and achieve their personal best in every area of their life.
    This is where traditional "coaching" or "counseling" comes in.
    We do not draw a critical distinction between "coaching," "counseling," "consulting," "mentoring," "spiritual formation," and "discipling," as some coaching programs do.

Like many other coaching programs, when we work with coaching clients individually ( #2 above, as distinguished from team instruction, #1 above),

  • We integrate the Core Competencies of Coaching as established by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • We structure questions in a genuinely exploratory manner to avoid 'leading' our clients
  • We exercise the ability to hear beyond our clients' words through their inflections, pace, energy, and even silence
  • We are comfortable in confusion, embracing questions in a true spirit of curiosity and discovery
  • We practice the skill of becoming 'invisible' as our clients listen to the Holy Spirit and their God-given desires
  • We help clients operationalize their visions, setting measurable goals and timelines
  • We use empowerment skills to place clients more in touch with their abilities and resources for dramatic life change
  • We foster accountability that really works - through you, not to you
  • We marshal pain and passion - the two great human motivators for change
  • We understand the stages of personal and spiritual growth, and meet our clients in their own unique stages
  • We encourage our clients, to overcome resistance to change, and help a client get 'unstuck'
1 Thessalonians 2:11
As ye know how we exhorted and comforted and charged every one of you, as a father doth his children,
1 Thessalonians 5:14
Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.
  • We identify and work with core values, vision, purpose, and mission

Ideally, you would complete our training section before working on some of the tough problems below. But we can also begin working on them immediately. It is often the case that people who have not completed the training and have come to see the power of the Bible as a timeless textbook, find it difficult to pursue Biblical solutions to problems that are often labeled "psychological," that is, requiring a secular psychologist or other "professional." Here are some general indications of how we approach "psychological" problems:

What Do You Do When You Become Depressed - pdf

What Do You Do When Fear Overcomes You - pdf

What Do You Do When You Worry All the Time - pdf

What Do You Do When Your Marriage Goes Sour - pdf

What Do You Do When Anger Gets the Upper Hand - pdf

What Do You Do When You Know That You're Hooked - pdf


Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Socialism brings alcoholism and suicide. As the United States becomes less American, and the American dream becomes a "utopian" hope or a relic of a bygone era, Americans become alienated from God's purposes for their lives. Socialism is oppressive, and victims of tyrannical oppression are traumatized. Parents laboring under oppressive taxation and economic uncertainty are less unable to nurture children, and today more teenagers die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined. Many Americans are suffering from Pending-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and these problems are exacerbated by the values of the mainstream media and unconstitutional government.

The Bible says we must walk by faith, not by sight, and our training program is the best system available for cultivating that faith. America's Founders had more of this faith and were better equipped to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

     This will surprise you . . .

You are suffering from


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you're like millions of Americans, you experience crippling stress every day 
causing debilitating dislocations in one or more of 
four major areas of your life:

Family Finances Fitness Faith

• Lost love for spouse
• Abuse of children
• Inability to form lasting relationships

• Failure to keep a job
• High-interest debt
• Wavering productivity

• Sickness, loss of health
• Low-Energy
• Overweight

• Devitalizing Doubt
• No purpose in life
• "Is God pleased with me?"

... and many other goals to achieve and problems to solve

This crippling stress is caused by a traumatic experience.

Deep down in your soul, you know this traumatic experience to be fundamentally evil or unfair. But your family, friends, church, or government all compel you to behave as if this traumatic experience is perfectly normal and acceptable. This causes 

Cognitive Dissonance

"Dissonance" is the opposite of "harmony." "Cognitive" refers not just to your intellect, but the very fiber of your being. Your "soul." Your "spirit." The stress is killing you.

The evil that is traumatizing you by causing this "cognitive dissonance" is not a single event in your childhood or distant past. 

It is an on-going evil that you witness every day.

Deep down in the very core of your being you know it's evil. You may be forced to participate in it. You know it shouldn't be this way. You can't escape it. You feel helpless. You ask, "Is there a God?"

The Way It Should Be

Before identifying the trauma that you experience, we need to realize that as a nation, we have lost sight of the way things should be.

When America knew the way things should be,
       America was the most prosperous and admired nation in human history.
When America turned her back on the original "American Dream,"
       the United States became bankrupt and despised even by our former admirers.

When Did This Happen?

Piece by piece, the Federal Government prohibited public schools from reminding us of the original "American Dream."

The average colonial American 17-year old in 1776 knew more about what it takes to make America a prosperous and virtuous nation than the average American adult in 2015. The average colonial American teenager would be horrified at the things American adults tolerate in 2015: Tyranny, public immorality, idiocy. Unbelievable.

Public schools were very different in 1776 than they are today. Music and entertainment were very different in 1776 than they are today. The government was very different in 1776 than it is today.

What was the original American Dream? In a nutshell,

The phrase "Vine & Fig Tree" comes from the fourth chapter of the prophet Micah, and is set forth here. You may have heard Micah's words before -- we beat our "swords into plowshares" and everyone dwells safely under their own "Vine & Fig Tree.

America's Founding Fathers were familiar with this vision: "Vine & Fig Tree" is the worldview that made America "the greatest nation on God's green earth." International peace and harmony with nature -- this is the way God created us to live.

According to the Library of Congress Website, George Washington was motivated by the Vine & Fig Tree vision revealed in the Bible: 
No theme appears more frequently in the writings of Washington than his love for his land. The diaries are a monument to that concern. In his letters he referred often, as an expression of this devotion and its resulting contentment, to an Old Testament passage. After the Revolution, when he had returned to Mount Vernon, he wrote the Marquis de Lafayette on Feb. 1, 1784:

"At length my Dear Marquis I am become a private citizen on the banks of the Potomac, & under the shadow of my own Vine & my own Fig-tree."

This phrase occurs at least 11 times in Washington's letters.

"And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every man under his vine and under his fig tree" (2 Kings 18:31).

Peter Lillback, author of a 1,000-page study of Washington's life and thought, has found more than 40 references to the  “Vine and Fig Tree” vision in Washington's Papers.

"Under My Own Vine and Fig Tree, 1798" by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, Lora Robins Collection of Virginia Art, Virginia Historical Society
Under My Own Vine and Fig Tree, 1798
Jean Leon Gerome Ferris
Virginia Historical Society
Lora Robins Collection of Virginia Art

Many other American Founders wrote of this ideal. "Vine & Fig Tree" is the original "American Dream."

The phrase occurs a number of times in Scripture. These references are visual reminders of the Hebrew word for salvation, which means
• peace,
• wholeness,
• health,
• progress, abundance, well-being, and
• private property free from pirates and princes.
When today's Americans hear the  word "salvation," they usually think about going to heaven when they die, after living a life of trauma and dislocation. When the writers of the Bible used the word "salvation," they wanted you to be thinking about dwelling safely under your own Vine & Fig Tree during this life -- much more often than they wanted you to be thinking about what you'll be doing in the afterlife.

Every American alive in 1776 could tell you something about the Vine & Fig Tree vision. The vast majority of Americans today have never heard of it. There are many explanations for this (and they might be called "conspiracy theories"), but the fact is that our schools and media are controlled by a government which America's Founders would call a "tyranny."

Today "the American Dream" means "owning your own home." But the word "own" means something very different than it did in 1776. Today, "owning" means "qualifying for a low-interest, fixed rate mortgage." It means the bank owns your home. Even if you pay your mortgage off, if you don't pay your property taxes the government will take your home. Even if you pay your taxes, the government can take your home and give it to speculators and land developers who promise the government that they will be able to build a mall and pay more taxes than you do to the government. This is called "eminent domain." The U.S. Supreme Court has said this is "constitutional." A man's home is no longer his castle.

The "Boston Tea Party" (1772) involved a tax on tea of three pence per pound of tea. Today we pay ten times (10x) more than that on every gallon of gas. The tyrannical government over you expropriates over 2/3 of everything you earn. America's Founders were outraged by "taxation without representation."  Twenty times more taxes, and only a fraction of the "representation." We are passively traumatized by it.

Americans were appalled by "The Boston Massacre" in 1770, in which five Americans were killed by British soldiers. Today, U.S. military bases are found in over 100 nations around the world, and since 1960, tens of millions of innocent non-combatant civilians have been killed, crippled, or made homeless by U.S. bombs and soldiers. Imagine a drone fires a missile at your children's wedding. Every day, U.S.-made weapons are killing innocent people. We all know about this, but each new generation suppresses the thoughts. This is trauma.

We eat junk food, and then get cancer. We know this is not way it's supposed to be. But we're too busy suppressing the trauma with sports and "adult toys," so we don't have time to grow our own healthy food.

We are all traumatized by global violence which brings profits to corporations, and empitness to human beings. We don't want to think about it. We spend billions of dollars a year for entertainment and amusement, psychotherapy, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs, because the bank owns our home, and the government owns our paycheck. We're not living the original "American Dream" under our own Vine & Fig Tree, and the trauma is killing us.

"Your" government -- The United States Federal Government -- is the most evil and dangerous entity on the planet. Other "governments" might be more evil (e.g., North Korea), but they are not more dangerous. The U.S. government threatens nuclear annihilation of entire continents if the interests of its corporate sponsors are interfered with. ¿Do you see your home in this image:

We live under the constant threat of alienation or annihilation. We see evil on our TVs every day. This is traumatizing us. It cripples us. It weakens our resolve to fight evil. We re-elect the same politicians every election. Or we don't vote at all.

We are created in the Image of God, hard-wired to transform a wilderness into a garden, and move us all closer to the City of God. When the government, the media, our neighbors, friends and even family all tell us to compromise our inborn standards and aspirations and pursue things which are transitory, plastic, unethical, and superficial, we are traumatized by this. We look for mentors and co-workers, but feel alone. We suffer dehumanizing trauma.

Treatment for American PTSD

Then they will hammer their
swords into plowshares
And their spears into pruning hooks;
Nation will not lift up sword against nation
And never again will they train for war.

And each of them will sit under his
Vine and under his Fig Tree,
With no one to make them afraid.
For the L
ORD of hosts has spoken.

Pursuing the Vine & Fig Tree vision is what it means to be human.

In just one year, our online home study program duplicates the colonial education that Americans received in the public schools of 1776. We don't teach "the 3 R's" (reading, writing and arithmetic); we teach the original American dream. We teach the worldview that made America "the greatest nation on God's green earth."  Twelve years of a colonial American one-room school house can be compacted into one year (365 days) of virtual online coaching. (Assuming you already know how to read.) 

Our program is simple, but not easy.  There are three parts to this program:

  1. Cut out 1 hour per day of the mainstream media for 365 days;
  2. Substitute 40 minutes of the Vine & Fig Tree Coaching program; 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the evening;
  3. Become a mentor to two other people at home, work, school or church, by helping them fulfill steps 1 and 2 (and eventually 3). When you become a mentor to one other person, two people are transformed. And "where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20).

We Guarantee you will be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, and as a Certified Coach for the Vine & Fig Tree Coaching program, you'll make a little money in the process, by coaching your friends and neighbors, encouraging them to overcome the traumatizing effects of a society that rejects God, and helping them become lifelong Vine & Fig Tree learners.

Become a Lifelong Learner

We all need to become "lifelong learners." Most people don't want to do their homework. America has become an "adolescent" nation. The concept of "adolescence" is relatively new. Children in the past were expected to grow up and become mature, productive adults at an earlier age than today. Obamacare treats people as old as 26 as children covered by their parents' insurance. "Adolescence" means assuming no adult responsibilities, and being free to gratify selfish child fantasies, subsidized by the previous generation.

It's Never Too Late to Go Back to Kindergarten

If you look at the details of our program, you may be overwhelmed. You are a victim of educational malpractice. But you are capable of learning as much and being as spiritually and morally whole as Americans were in 1776. Moral and spiritual wholeness, combined with a Christian education, creates a Biblical worldview which strengthens you and immunizes you against the trauma of atheistic tyranny. It helps you see the real problems and visualize effective solutions, and empowers and encourages you to take steps to be a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem.

The Jews have a tradition called the "Bar Mitzvah," literally translated "son of command." It means you know how to obey God's Commandments. It means you have developed the internal fortitude to stand against evil and do the right thing. Its observance began centuries ago, when a 12 year-old was deemed to be an adult: not because he was gratifying his sexual urges before marriage ("adult movies"), but because he was mature in the faith, and was able to relate to authority, both good and bad, in a healthy way. He was ready to begin exercising dominion over the earth" (Genesis 1:26-28).

If you're an American adult, you are capable of much more than you think. You are using only a tiny fraction of the human potential with which you were endowed by your Creator.

Dr. J. H. Van den Berg of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, has written some very stimulating things in the history of psychology. In his book, The Changing Nature of Man (NY: Dell, 1961), he gives examples of mature "children." He cites the life of Theodore Agrippa d’Aubigne, Huguenot, friend of Henry IV, born in 1550:

Of d’Aubigne it is told that he read Greek, Latin and Hebrew when he was six years old and that he translated Plato into French when he was not yet eight. Plato. Montaigne recommended the reading and explaining of philosophical discourses to children. Well, if an eight year-old child can translate Plato, what objection can there be to reading a translated version to him when he is four? When d’Aubigne was still eight years old, he went through the town of Amboise, accompanied by his father just after a group of Huguenots had been executed. He saw the decapitated bodies; and at the request of his father, he swore an oath to avenge them. Two years later, he was captured by Inquisiteurs; the ten year-old boy’s reaction to the threat of death at the stake was a dance of joy before the fire. The horror of the Mass took away his fear of a fire, was his own later comment, as if a ten year-old boy could know what he meant by that. And yet, a child who has translated Plato and has been used to reading the classics for four years, could not such a child know what he wants and know what he is doing? But he can hardly be called a child. A person who observes the effects of an execution intelligently, who swears an oath to which he remains true through life, who realizes for himself the interpretation of the Holy Communion and who fathoms the horror of death at the stake -- he is not a child. He is a man.

Secular Americans who have lost touch with their Vine & Fig Tree roots are traumatized by ISIS beheadings.  Faith protects us from trauma. The majority of traumatic evil in this world is perpetrated by those who claim "authority." In the case of d’Aubigne, a union of "church" and "state." America's Founders were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, because they were pursuing the Vine & Fig Tree vision.

Now one might say these were "child prodigies," and yet the interesting thing is how many of the great musicians of that period were child prodigies and how many of the ordinary people matured at the same age. The intellectual level back then was quite high, even among the common people. The level of preaching is ample evidence of this. The ability of church members to listen to lengthy sermons of sometimes two hours, to reproduce all thirty or forty points faithfully later in the week, and to debate them or discuss them, is well documented. There was a high order of discipline, and this discipline furthered the uses of intelligence.*

Consider the Constitutional Convention in this country. Go through and list the ages of those men at the time of the Constitutional Convention and they were a surprisingly youthful group. Franklin was the old man of the group, and Washington was far older than most of them. The average person there was a generation or so younger than Washington. They were young men. Not only were they young men in their 30’s but most of them had been military officers, judges, governors, for a number of years. They reached maturity in their teens because there was a different concept of discipline. Today's law students complain when they are assigned The Federalist Papers, but the "Papers" were originally newspaper columns for ordinary American farmers.

If a colonial American teenager could travel through time from 1776 to our day today, he would tell you Five Things you need to know about the trauma you have experienced, and he would recommend you read Five Books that were banned from the public school you attended. These Five Books are the most important books in the history of Western Civilization. Despite our "smart phones," we are now an uncivilized people. We are powerless and passive in the face of traumatic evil.











* The above is from R.J. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, chapter 6, "The Principle of Authority," from the section on the Fifth Commandment, "Honor thy Father and Mother," which was understood for centuries to include tutors and educators.