Thing #5:
The Three Things You Need to Become Extraordinary
-- and why you must activate them

  • A Curriculum - Content
  • A Coach - Accountability
  • A Community - Support
1st Extraordinary Thing: An Extraordinary Curriculum

We assume you know "the 3 R's" -- You made it to this website
We assume you don't know "the 3 R's" - We provide audio if you can't read.
Substitute our program for the Mainstream Media
Each book and accompanying resources is the equivalent of one college-level class.
Weekly live webinar "office hours." On-demand email. All your questions answered.
Our 365-day Coaching Program is the equivalent of two years of college.
No exams -  just profound personal transformation 

    Day 47: The Importance of Ideas -Foundation: Ideas Have Consequences
             inevitability: Islam, Marxism
    Day 48  The Importance of History - Avoiding mistakes - Lay a Foundation for the Future
                Ask Three Questions
    Day 49  Daily Devotion -- Not just Sunday. Doing "religion, morality, and knowledge" every day of the week will transform your entire life. details
    Day 50  Lifelong Learner -- wait 'til you see Year Two of the Program. And Year Three. Etc. details
  Why We Chose These Five Books to Read  
    Day 51:  1. The Bible: The Most Important Book in the History of the Human Race details
    Day 52:  2. The Westminster Standards details
    Day 53:  3. Theocracy vs. "Separation of Church and State" details
    Day 54:  4. Capitalism vs. Archism -- The Wealth of Nations details
    Day 55:  5. Optimillennialism vs. Pessimillennialism -- Hope for this planet details
  How to Read These Five Books  
    Day 56: The Bible is Our Textbook in Every Discipline details
    Day 57: Read Prayerfully  details
    Day 58: Bible: Christmas details
    Day 59: Bible: History/Chronology details
    Day 60: Bible: Psalms details
    Day 61: Bible: Proverbs details
    Day 62: Bible: Law details
    Day 63: Westminster: Theology details
    Day 64: Westminster: Duty details
    Day 65: Capitalism: Gratitude details
    Day 66: Theocracy: Character - The Rule of God in our Lives - Shapes Society details