Thing #4
The Three Most Hated Words in Politics Today
and why you must embrace them

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America's Founders made three mistakes. The embraced

  • "Rights"

  • Revolution

  • Representation

In order to counter the bankruptcy, global violence, and atheistic dependence, we must fight these mistakes, and be prepared to embrace the three most feared words in secular society today:

  • Theocracy
  • Pacifism
  • Anarchism

These three words all stem from the three huge mistakes that America's Founders made.
They are the only way to reverse those huge mistakes.

As you read through the Bible, you should ask yourself three questions that correspond to these three ideas:

1. Should we obey
or should we expect?

Do we owe
or are we owed?

Are we entitled
or are we obligated?

2. Is rebellion against tyrants obedience to God?

Should tyrants be converted
or assassinated?

Amendment 2

I have my gun, and the government "Red Coat" is dead

Romans 13

I surrender my gun and the government employee is still a candidate for the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Would the world be worse off or better off without archists?